Printing since 1933
Like fine wine, only getting better with age
Printing since 1933
Smart mailing is smart marketing
Mobile, desktop, TV, mailbox, inbox and website
Smart mailing is smart marketing
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Direct Mail
Print Services for your business
Print Services for your business
Increase sales
Increase sales
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Why Cosmos Superior Quality Printing, Direct Mail & Marketing Automation Services?

  • Expertise & Craftsmanship
    Over 85 years of experienced craftspeople.
  • Versatile & Agile
    Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium businesses trust us. So should you.
  • Relentless Dedication
    To your brand and your bottom line. 
  • Award Winning Quality
    So your print and direct mail stand out from the competition.
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

We are all very appreciative of your attention to detail and commitment to service. Not surprised Cosmos motto has always been "what do you need, when do you need it and where does it have to be delivered?". So far they have never failed. I have never seen any vendor deliver the goods to this level of service.

NYP Marketing
Marketing Director
Swann Galleries

"We have always found Cosmos to be an efficient, effective and responsive partner for our business. You and Your Staff are quick to provide suggestions to save time and money. This has made our projects and our company more efficient as well as more fiscally effective.”

Marketing Department
Marketing Director

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Cosmos Communications, Printing, Signage, and Direct Mail
Cosmos has been providing printing and marketing services since 1933.
We are a dedicated, friendly team of expert craftspeople ready to help businesses of any size stand out with outstanding printing, signage, and direct mail.
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